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A Creative Commons gift for roleplayers

I was planning to do this art piece for the core rulebook of The Songs of Loss RPG, but I didn’t know how to apprehend it. And thanks to this drawing illustrating an article explaining role-playing games for beginners, I finally got the idea and motivation to get to it (and props to Stéphane Gallay for the suggestion to share this with you).

What is it ? It’s my vision of an RPG session and roleplayers having fun. It’s my way to show its richness, its diversity, its joyfullness, its optimism, its maturity and its foolishness at the same time. At this stage, if the self-proclaimed Ayatollahs of roleplaying orthodoxy are shocked by this image, if racist, sexist, stuffy idiots get an apoplexy attack over it, achievement unlocked !

And if a lot of people like it and nobody gets shocked, it’s also achievement unlocked and I’d be very happy about it.

This art piece is yours. You can do whatever you want with it – with the small conditions indicated below. Yes, this means I give you all rights to reuse it, publish on your pages, blogs, magazines, etc. It’s a gift – and you give it back to me by accepting it.

You can download it here in several formats:
Licence Creative Commons
This work is published under the terms of the Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons licence 4.0 International.

TIFF file, A4 format

JPEG file, A4 format

JPEG file, 1680 pixels wide :

Thanks to Stéphane Gallay for this english translation, its help and patience !

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