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Patronage on Patreon

I am Axelle « Psychée » Bouet, novelist and illustrator, creator of the novels and the role-playing game Les Chants de Loss. Since 2015, with Emilie Latieule and Alysia Loretan, we have been working on the role-playing game Les Chants de Loss. It is currently being translated into English.

On my side, I finish finishing volume 3 of the Da Vinci-Punk fantasy novels  les Chants de Loss that I regularly illustrate. We’re still looking for an English translator for my novels, it’s a difficult job.
I also work on other role-playing games and, finally, I write and illustrate other novels, lesbians and feminists, Héritages, in the universe created by Stéphane Gallay: Erdorin.

Why do I need your help?

Since 2015, I have been sharing all my creations, novels, our role-playing work, and many illustrations on my Facebook page or on Artstation.
My work as a professional illustrator takes time and it’s really not very well paid. In exchange for your donations and patronage, I can therefore devote more time to writing, creating and drawing, whether for the world of Loss or my other worlds, and thus please you, the fans and continue to make you dream. The more patrons I have, the more I can work on my creations and the more I can share them with you, of course!

How the rewards work

Here are the rewards in detail. One thing to note is that you do not receive them immediately, but the month following your contribution as a patron.
Illustrations of the month: Once a month, you receive by email a batch of 3 to 4 illustrations in HD.
Loss Beauty of the Month: Once a month, I will make an illustration on one of the beauties of the Loss Songs world, in a sexy version, which you will receive in HD quality directly by email.
The chapters of the novels of the month (for Francophones only): You will receive all the chapters written for the current month of my novels Les Chants de Loss
Original HD illustration files: Once a month, you will receive an illustration in PSD format in its original size, with all layers
Your digital portrait in the look of Loss: You can order a digital portrait of yourself, which will be made in color, in the look of a character from the Loss world. To do this, you must send a photo for the model. The portrait will be delivered to you in HD by email. There may be a little delay.