Tarifs & commissions (english) 2019

Indicative rates for illustrations (in $)

(indicative prices: the prices are indicated from, they depend on the order and can be negotiated)

Black & white

  • Sketches, studies & roughs: $30 to $50
  • Black and white portrait without decor: $50 to $75
  • Black and white character without decor: $100 to $120
  • Black and white illustration with decor: $150 to $250


  • Colour portrait without decor: $80 to $100
  • Colorful character without decor: $120 to $150
  • Colour illustration with decor: $250 to $350

Digital painting

  • Portrait digital painting without decor: $120 to $150
  • Illustration digital painting without decor: $475 to $550
  • Illustration digital painting with simple decor: $600 to $800
  • Illustration digital painting with rich decor: $800 to $1,400

Book covers, posters, logo-title & model making

  • Poster design, illustration and mock-up: starting at $650
  • Simple Logo Title Design: starting at $350
  • Logo study, including its realization and vectorization for all supports: from $650
  • Complete graphic identity, including a logo and all its variations for communication and corporate media: from $1200

Poster and art prints delivered to your home

Thanks to the services of Redbubble, an online art shop where I sell my own works, I can have a poster print in A4 to A2 format, semi-gloss solid paper (185gr/cm2) and 5mm framing border delivered directly to your home in two weeks.

The price for printing and home delivery however adds 20€/CHF to the order price of the illustration.

Visit my ArtStation portfolio to see my custom and personal work and illustrations.

Read, please :

The average price depends above all on the techniques of the order you wish to place and the working time it will take. A black & white thumbnail is much faster to realize than a fully painted HD poster. The final size of the illustration depends greatly on the technique you want and the level of detail required: a postcard-sized drawing requires little detail, whereas an illustration with a lot of detail and decoration will require a poster format. The final quality depends on the medium: a book cover may be about A5 in size, but it requires the level of detail and richness of a poster, for example, which is why the price will be high.

To place an order, nothing could be easier: send me an email to psycheeange@gmail.com

Billing :

The first third of the invoice due is paid upon acceptance of the quotation. Invoicing is to be paid upon receipt of the invoice within the period negotiated during the order and accepted upon acceptance of the quotation.

Invoicing is made by bank transfer or Paypal.

Reception of the work & deadlines :

The works are sent to the client in high definition digital format, ready for use by a professional printer and in adapted file formats. The order is usually delivered within 8 weeks, the deadline is usually specified upon acceptance of the quote. A supplement is requested if the source file is required (the PSD work format with its layers). This source file is NEVER supplied by default, you must request it and pay the supplement.

Assignment of exploitation rights :

Total on Europe, Switzerland, and the USA on all promotional and visual communication supports for the company and the brand of the client mentioned in this contract. Authorizes any modification on derivative products and associative supports and publications. Excludes any commercial exploitation outside the objectives mentioned in the contract without the author’s agreement.

Somes infos

Drawing in black & white is not « easier » than color, especially with my style. That’s why, according to my clients’ wishes, there will not always be a difference in price between a black & white illustration in poster format with a sought-after decor and the same illustration in colour.

Digital painting requires work similar to conventional painting on paper, whether watercolour, acrylic or oil. That is why it takes time and therefore costs more.

I reserve the right to accept or refuse any order without discussion. There are some things I do not want to illustrate, others I do not know how to do; the final decision in this area is mine.