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Plans of Psychée for 2019

Version francaise ici.

While you are more or less digesting your orgasmic agape for celebrating the common event, finally surviving a new revolution around the sun (and now I wonder how I will translate that into English), I will be talking to you about my plans for 2019.

2018 has been… interesting. A year spent working tirelessly. More than six months without a break, no weekends. Sometimes I would work 100-hour weeks. Finally, with the role-playing game The Songs of Loss financed with great success, it is a personal and professional success that I would not have dared to dream of 4 years ago. Oh, don’t think I’m satisfied with it! But it’s already far beyond what I expected.

But 2018 has also experienced some failures. First of all, I didn’t finish the third volume of the novels The Songs of Loss. It’s only halfway through. The same goes for my novel Héritages, which I abandoned for lack of time. I also neglected some customers who are waiting for their orders. Finally, I paid hard for the crazy work I did in 2018, with a stress high blood pressure crisis, which knocked me out for three months. As if I wasn’t sick enough already!

But for 2019, we’ll do it again! Because now, and to quote Stéphane Gallay, I have fame (a little one, but it’s not so bad…) so I need the wealth (a little one will fit me too). On the one hand, I want to be a little more available for my fans and on the other hand, I want to take care of my English-speaking audience. So, what’s planned for 2019?

The projects

Finish the work on the role-playing game the Songs of Loss: and send it to revision before printing at the end of January. In fact, we’re almost there, but a few illustrations are missing, mostly.

Finish volume 3 of the Songs of Loss: it is halfway through. I should be doing a chapter and a half a week, so it will be finished by February. Let’s say early March, huh….

The English translation of the role-playing game the Songs of Loss : started at the end of the year, it is provided by Alain Coubard. It will continue throughout the year and we will share translations as we shared the role-play on the website.

The English translation of the novels the Songs of Loss: this is something else and it is much more difficult. I am waiting for a quote from a literary translator but I will not give up on the project!

And in other languages? Ha we’re thinking about it very seriously for German and we’re going to get people for that, yeah!

The first supplement of the Songs of Loss, the role-playing game: seriously started in 2018, we will resume it during the year, but the serious work will start this summer.

The Psyche Artbook: it is with Alysia that I will create it. I have to see how to finance it and with whom to publish it, but it is a project I would like to have completed before April.

Finish the novel Héritages, volume 1: I won’t take it up again until the end of March, but I expect to have finished it by August-September. It will be illustrated and I want to present it in a large format and not in the classic novel format. Again, I should find a publisher.

The role-playing game Future Immediate: yes, I know it makes you want to. It will move forward during the year, to plan a more or less final beta version around October-November.

The generic role-playing game Openrange, under Creative Commons license: in fact, it remained on stand-by, my co-author having resumed a busy professional activity. The final beta version should arrive by the end of March with a first illustrated edition this summer.

Patronage platforms

But all these projects represent a considerable amount of time. Yeah, I left to start over like 2018, with less stress this time. And I have to find a way to monetize all this to earn a living, of course. To do this, there are the sponsorship platforms that I will talk about here.

The first one is French-speaking and is called Tipeee. I neglected this platform a lot, on the one hand because I had too much work to do and it’s my fault, but also because I have some ethical disagreements with Tipeee and his policy of putting forward content that is contrary to my humanist ideals. I plan to give the platform three months to improve before I make the decision to close my account. But in the meantime, I’m going to pamper my patrons.

The second is English-speaking and is called Patreon. It is much better known; it is not perfect either, but there is no ethical concern. However, it is more doubtful in its financial policy with its artists. But since it is necessary to make a decision and since my fridge is too often empty, I didn’t hesitate. I had an artist account for a long time, but I created my page and my sponsorship counterparts during Christmas. It is functional and you can go and see it.

The two platforms are mirrors of each other, there is the same thing. It’s just that I know that many of my fans aren’t necessarily English-speaking enough to easily read my Patreon page.

So you become a patron, you have counterparts every month in exchange for your support, you can terminate this patronage whenever you want and your financial support, even for just one €, simply allows me to devote time to all these projects that you follow and love and, me, to share them with you! Without your help, all this work, without being impossible, will be more difficult. Because I have to earn money and my only alternative is my job as a professional illustrator, which doesn’t pay very well. So, if you can, if you feel like it, don’t hesitate, go and see these two pages, and choose what you like! Thank you in advance, with all my heart!