Less Blood, More Boobs, a Facebook tag to campaign for less absurd censorship

(english translation of my article)

Poets say that the world is driven by two things: blood and sex. But strangely, death, violence, menacing and hateful words, and deadly discriminations of all kind are allowed, even if publicly disapproved. Put a mass grave on the first page of a magazine, it’s OK. Death can be put on posters. Nice boobs, however…

But hey! Gentlemen (and ladies, I won’t forget women, hypocrisy and tight-assness doesn’t have a gender), a breast is the first thing you see when you open your eyes to the hardship of this world, when you are born. It’s the first thing your hands and your lips touch. The world revolves around it at the dawn of your life, it’s the source of life for us all, stupid primates thinking ourselves superior. It should be a cherished and venerated beauty; drawn, written and admired a thousand times.

Artists have known better, since the dawn of time! The breast, the body of the woman and the woman herself by extension are all subject to the admiration of poets and artists (I’m part of them), who say that nothing is more beautiful and touching to depict.

But no… this is 2016 and we censor it everywhere. We’re ashamed of this breast and of this body, the tit is so deadly we have to hide it. So, does it kill more than the picture of a massacre taken live after an attack? Does the tit kill more than your standards of hate, shown on every bridge? Or are we in the seventeenth century when Molière, already perplexed by this strange idea, was making Tartuffe say:

Hide this breast I couldn’t see:

By such objects, souls are hurt,

And this brings guilty thoughts.

Facebook is the biggest hypocrite in this domain. By resting on the idea that censorship must respect a so-called worldwide moral, it finds hateful messages and death images more acceptable to its clients’ eyes than female beauty in its purest nature. Undress a breast, even if it’s to show a breast-feeding scene, and you’re a criminal. But you can talk about killing fags, Jews or Muslims or whoever you want to hate, you’re just giving an opinion. Blood is more reasonable than sex. And for Facebook, sex starts with an uncovered breast.

So I give you a Facebook tag: #LessBloodMoreBoobs

Under this tag, post the beauty of the woman, post naked breasts, as I do by depicting naked bodies on a regular basis, in respect to the beauty of the feminine body. Because, if hatred and blood are death, the feminine beauty and the breast that fed us all is the most beautiful life-full response to the hatred that seizes public spaces. This censorship takes us back to an awful and cruel puritanism. To honor, admire and watch without any sort of reserve the bodies of women is a human victory, as is for them the right to show it, even though everywhere in the world they are ordered to hide them.

Thank you all the people who will share this article and use this tag, it looks like nothing but it’s a form of courage, more than welcome nowadays.

(traduction by Stéphane Gallay, with help of Nicolas Huet )


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